Hello Aspirants, As you all know that if you are preparing for exams like, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, IB, RRB( Railways) or some other state government competitive exam, what is the importance of General knowledge/ General Awareness Quiz section. So keeping that in mind we are providing you this quiz so that you can assess your preparation.

Where has the Geological Survey of India located most of India’s Chromite? a) Cuttack b) Singhbhum c) Manipur d) Hubli ANSWER d) Hubli

where is Raisina Hills? a) Where Rashtrapati Bhawan is situated b) The Hill feature in Srinagar, otherwise known as Shankara- charya Hill c) The place where the Dogra rulers of J & K built their fort in jammu. d) The rock future at kanya – kumari where Swami Vivekananda’s statue was erected. ANSWER a)Where Rashtrapati Bhawan is situated

Who is the author of the book Courts and Their Judgements? a) Justice Mr. V.R Krishna Iyer b) Arun shoerie c) F.S Nariman d) Ram Jethmalani ANSWER b) Arun shoerie Which of the following PSUs has been privatised? a) HZL b) CMC c) Hotel Corporation of India d) NALCO ANSWER a) HZL The standard of living in a country is represented by its. a) Poverty ratio b) Per capita income c) National Income d) unemployment rate ANSWER b) Per capita income Which of the following is not reckoned as a value added telecommunication service a) Electronic Mail b)  STD c) FAX d) Radio- Paging- Service ANSWER a) Electronic Mail Which of the fallowing is a  stealth aircraft virtually undetectable even radar? a) B-2 Spirit b) B1 B Lancer c) B- 52 Stratofortress d) FA -18 Homets ANSWER c) B- 52 Stratofortress

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